Tricky Wild Animals Challenges! Brain Teaser

What animal has the longest neck?
The Giraffe
What type of animal is the largest primate in the world?
The Gorilla
What animal loves climbing trees?
The Monkey
What animal is called "The King of the Jungle"?
The Lion
What animal likes to eat honey?
The Bear
It is bigger than a cow, can peel its own bananas, and don’t eat meat. Which animal is it?
The Elephant
It is able to turn its head around 270 degrees and noted for being quiet in flight. Which bird is it?
An Owl
End Of Game
How many wild animals do you know about? This animal riddle will put expand your knowledge about the animal kingdom. This amazing wildlife puzzle is driving the internet mad and can be played by all walks of life. Answers how many wild animals can you identify here in this brain teaser? Have a great time solving this puzzle. All the best!

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