World War 1 Brain Teaser

What was WW1 initially called
Eurpean War
How many combatans were killed in WW1
9 million combatans
When did WW1 start
July 28, 1914
When did the Ottoman Empire join WW1
November 1914
When did the Russian Goverment collapsed
March 1917
Which country made the first declaration of war
In what city was Archduke Franz Ferdinand assasinated
Germany's attack upon which country directly provoked Britain to go to war
Germany's plan for fighting France and Russia was called
The Schlieffen Plan
How is the western front in WW1 best characterized
A stagnant war fought from trenches with neither side gaining or losing much ground in spite of huge casualties
On what date did the U.S declare war on Germany
April 6, 1917
After declaring war, the U.S was at war with
Only Germany not with Austria-Hungry
What were the main reasons for the first world war
Murder of Austria's heir in Sarajevo
Which countries were not in the Triple Entente in 1914
Usa, Italy, Belgium
In which year did the battle of Verdun start
What is the manoeuvre warfare
Its a type of strategy to defeat enemy by movement
During which years did the Attrition warfar take place
Between 1915-1917
Which German attack provoked Britain to go to war
The attack on belgium
Which country joined the war on the side of the Allied powers in 1916
Who was the commander of U.S forces in Europe
John J. Pershing
Which military technologies were developed in WW1
Gas mask, Tanks
What was the are in between trenched callled during WW1
No man's land
What was the Russia Revolution
A series of revolutions in Russia which destroyed Tsarist autocracy
In 1918, the city of Paris suffered repeated attacks from German of
Long range artillery
Who won WW1
Allies in 1918
When was the Armistice between Germany and France signed
November 11, 1918
When was the treaty between France and Germany signed
In 1919, in the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles
End Of Game