Bricks Sniper Game


1) The goal is to match up three like-color bricks
2) Move around the game board, aim, and click to shoot a colored brick
3) If you can't solve the puzzle and the bricks overflow the board, it's game over!


Bricks Sniper is the intense game of accuracy, skill, and lighting fast reflexes. Bricks Sniper is a unique new spin on Tetris and bubble shoots. Your goal is to destroy as many red, green, and blue bricks as you can. By moving around the board and shooting, you must match three bricks of the same color and they will be destroyed. Once all the bricks are destroyed, you’ll move on to the next level. Your score, time, and level are all tracked, but if you can’t solve the color puzzle and the bricks overflow the screen, it’s game over! Are you up for a little action? Get it done with Bricks Sniper!