Play Cups Game Online

How to Play Cups ?

1) Press the key that matches the black letters on the cups
2) The quicker you press the keys, the higher score you'll get


There's only one thing better and more rewarding than having a drink of coffee or juice in a plastic carton, and that's stacking the cartons together afterward. Oh, and then knocking them down again of course. If only there was some way to replicate that online, well thanks to this Cup Stacking game there is, and you don't even have to pay for a drink. You'll see cups on the screen with letters on them. When the letters turn black, hit the correct key to fill it in. After they're all filled in, hit the right key to knock them down again. It gets tougher with each level, and remember to only press the key when the letter turns black. Your typing skills will be tested to the full, are you ready?