Darts Game


1) Click on the board where you want to aim
2) Click again to release the dart at the perfect moment, as shown by the sliding indicators
3) Make the most of the treble and double scoring zones to score 501 as quickly as possible
4) You have to hit a double or the bullseye to finish


The magic game of darts has now climbed off of the 'oche' and right into your living room thanks to this fun online Darts game. You'll want to play it again and again as it faithfully recreates the precision, poise, skill and nerve that are required to become a top arrows thrower. Just like the real thing, you'll see a dart board in front of you, and have to count down from 501 to zero in as few darts as possible. You've got to finish on a double or a bullseye, and of course it pays dividends to land your dart into the treble twenty as often as possible. Can you become the next Phil 'The Power' Taylor? You'll be shouting '180' at the screen as you battle to beat your best score!