Difference Game


1) Inspect the two pictures, looking for the ten differences
2) Click on the spot where a difference occurs
3) Click 'hint' to have a difference shown to you


Do you remember the classic game of Spot The Difference when you were little? You'd be shown two pictures of a farmyard, or a castle, and then have to find the differences between the two, at first glance, very similar images. Isn't it about time that the fun game was brought up to date? That's exactly what's happened with this very latest Spot The Difference game. You won't see standard pictures, but instead you'll get a fiendishly challenging mixture of smileys and emoticons, bringing the concept bang up to date! Find the ten differences as quickly as you can to get a high score, and whilst using as few hints as possible. Be careful, because a wrong guess will add 50 seconds to your time.