Play Every Day Hero Game Online

How to Play Every Day Hero ?

1) Drive the ambulance using the arrow keys
2) Follow the direction of the compass and reach the green circle
3) Take the patient to the hospital
4) Rescue as many patients as possible in the time limit


There's no more important job than being a paramedic, and thankfully this town has the best ambulance driver of them all. It's you! This exciting game lets you unleash your inner lifesaver. Become the Everyday Hero, and have fun helping people. At the start of your shift, you'll be told where the emergency has occurred. Drive your ambulance there as quickly as possible, following the direction shown on the compass. Once you reach the patients transport them back to the hospital to save their life. Watch out for other traffic and pedestrians though, you're supposed to be saving lives not causing chaos. How many people can you help before your shift ends? Put on the blue light, it's time to find out.