Play Labyrinth Game Online

How to Play Labyrinth ?

1) Tilt the maze to move the ball
2) Avoid falling into a black hole
3) Reach the star to advance


When you're playing Ball In A Labyrinth, you need an intelligent and analytical mind, nerves of steel, and a very steady hand. Do you think you've got all those qualities? There's only one way to prove it. At the start of the game your ball is in the corner of a three dimensional maze. Using your mouse you can tilt the maze in any direction, causing the ball to move. Your aim is to each the star target on the opposite side of the maze. Whoever said life was easy? That's why you'll also have to negotiate your way around fiendishly positioned holes. If your ball enters a hole, that's one life gone. The mazes get trickier each level, so are you ready for a real challenge? This game puts the 'maze' in 'amazing'.