Math Search Game


1) Solve the math problem at the bottom of the screen
2) Find the answer to the math problem in the grid of numbers
3) When you’ve located the answer, hold down the left mouse button and highlight the answer
4) The answer can be highlighted horizontally, vertically or diagonally


Nothing like a good math game to coax your brain and eat your time when you need it! Enjoy this unique and interesting fusion of bubble-popping and simple mathematics. Practice your quick thinking by making sure that you click the balls with numbers, in order from least to greatest. Just when you thought this one could be easy, you'll find that you're actually in for a challenging treat! You better be careful when you choose your balls because though the game rewards you 100 points for every correctly-clicked ball, it also punishes your slow thinking with a deduction of 1000 points when you click the wrong ball! Pay attention and make sure that you reign your full concentration as you train your mind to quickly find the correct arrangement in the least possible amount of time. Practice your eye, mind and clicking coordination as you finish level upon level of this fast-paced game. The speedy spinning balls and the negative numbers will prove that the game is even trickier than you imagine. You don't want to end with less than zero point. Not only will that be embarrassing, but it will make you question your mathematical skills all together! But if you finish the game on the right note, you will definitely be giving yourself a good pat in the back.