Pyramid Game


1) Remove all cards in the pyramid at the top of the screen.
2) Click to remove a K by itself, or any pair of cards that has a sum of 13.
3) Cards in the pyramid cannot be removed when other cards are placed on top of them.
4) Click the downturned stockpile at the bottom to get a new card.


Do you like solitaire? Well, try your hand at an exotic version of the classic game, called “Pyramid Solitaire.” The goal in this game is to remove all of the cards on the pyramid by pairing the cards that give a sum of 13. The suits do not matter. The rankings of cards are: J has 11 points, Q has 12 points, K has 13 points, A has 1 point, and the remaining cards’ points correspond with their numbers. Click to remove any pair of cards on the pyramid or on the discard pile that gives the sum of 13. Cards on the pyramid cannot be removed when other cards are on top of them. If there are no moves available, click on the stockpile to get a new card. Solitaire can be a frustrating game to tackle, but try your hardest and have fun!