Trackballs Game


1) Drive the ambulance using the arrow keys
2) Follow the direction of the compass and reach the green circle
3) Take the patient to the hospital
4) Rescue as many patients as possible in the time limit


Have you got observational skills that would make Sherlock Holmes jealous? Are you great at keeping a close eye on all that's going on around you? If so then you should be a real high scorer when it comes to playing Track The Balls. At the start of each level you'll see a group of yellow balls on a blue background. One or more of the balls will be highlighted in red, but that highlight soon disappears as the balls float merrily around. When the balls stop moving can you click on the ball, or balls, that were highlighted initially? Make the right choice and you'll progress to the next level, get any wrong and it's game over. Each level brings another highlighted ball, making this great game progressively more challenging.