Tritris Game

  • Choose skill level and number of Tetris boards with your cursor.
  • Move and drop pieces to form solid horizontal lines of colored blocks.
  • Move pieces left, right, and down with the left, right, and down arrow keys.
  • Pressing z will rotate the piece counterclockwise and x will rotate it clockwise.
  • Use your spacebar to switch between games.
  • You lose each Tetris game when the pieces reach the top its board.

Who could forget the original Tetris game that gave us hours and hours of nonstop fun and excitement? The Gameboy classic that drove millions of players addicted worldwide is now at the tip of your fingertips with this new Tetris online game. You may think that this is merely a simple and free Tetris game that you've probably mastered back in the day. Think again. Tritris Game takes the Tetris game into overdrive with not just one, but three tough and challenging games you have to manage.

Create those lines out of all those familiar shapes dropping from the top. And while you've readied those blocks to its proper position, quickly switch to game to game number two and do the same nerve-racking challenge and try to form those lines. Don't let up, there's game number three that's also waiting for your immediate action. So it's totally up to you to switch around and do what's best to avoid stacking up those shapes and reach the top. If you fail in one, you fail in all. It's definitely going to be one tough block twisting, turning, and locking game. So bring your wits, just like the old times, but this time with Tritris Game, it's going to be three times the fun!