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Despicable Me is an animated movie created in 2010 about God, who has powers as a villain, but he is upset when a famous pyramid is stolen. So, advice from Dr. Nefario is to take the moon. God needs money to do this. Mr. Perkins, the Bank of Evil's owner, will only lend the money to Gru because he can find a shrink ray. Guru and his Minions can do this. Unfortunately, Vector, another villain, steals the ray from Gru. God adopts three orphaned girls who he finds in Vector's house. The shrink ray makes its way back to God. Find these despicable my terms. Solve this word search puzzle to know more.

Words In This Word Search

Drnefario, Misshattie, Lucy, Edith, Vector, Minions, Kevin, Agnes, Margo, Gru


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