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An inference is a conclusion reached based on reason. For example, for a reader to infer something from a book, they utilize their own experiences in life and the text of the book to "read between the lines" or make an educated guess with regards to what is not directly started. This game makes the text more personal and memorable, and therefore more enjoyable. In this word search, you'll be tasked with finding words associated with different inference strategies, such as "theme", "setting", "mood", "interact," and "question".

Words In This Word Search

Inference, Infer, Thinkandseek, Factual, Prediction, Clarify, Bigpicture, Strategy, Interact, Note, Find, Clues, Details, Answer, Underline, Question, Summary, Setting, Theme, Purpose, Entertain, Inform, Persuade, Tone, Mood, Message, Mainidea


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