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Trigonometry is a type of math with a language and vocabulary all its own. If you’re not well versed in trigonometry, then the odds are that you won’t recognize many of the words and phrases that are central to its purpose. While terms like "cosine," "tangent," and "cotangent" don’t have much of a role in most people’s lives, for those who study or work with trigonometry, these words are a part of their everyday lives. Want to learn more about the words that are related to this particular branch of math? Give this word search puzzle a try, and see if you can find all 12 of the words about trigonometry that we’ve hidden.

Words In This Word Search

Amplitude, Arc Length, Central Angle, Cosecant, Cosine, Cotangent, Equations, Identities, Initial Side, Tangent, Rightangle, Triangle


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