A Brief Intro To The American Revolution! Brain Teaser

British General who surrendered at the Seige of Yorktown.
Lord Cornwallis
I am the commander of the Continental Army.
George Washington
Quote: "Give me liberty or give me death."
Patrick Henry
I was the major author of a declaration of high treason against the crown.
Thomas Jefferson
I was a spy that served under Gen. Marquis de Lafayette.
I was the smooth diplomat that helped gain French support for the Revolutionary War.
Benjamin Franklin
I was called the Royal Brute of Great Britain" by Thomas Paine
King George III
I went to Paris to secure a peace treaty for America in 1783.
John Adams
I wrote satires to support the American Revolution.
Phillis Wheatley
I was a Patriot who made a daring ride to warn colonists of British arrival.
Paul Revere
End Of Game
The American Revolution was an ideological and political revolution that occurred in Colonial North America from the year 1765 to 1783. It was the time when the British colonies in America fought against Great Britain. There were 13 colonies that participated in the war, and the war was called The American Revolutionary War. A very few of you might know about this period. Hence, we've created a riddle for you that will tell more about that revolution. You should definitely play this brain teaser and expand your knowledge. Enjoy!

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