Autism Spectrum Disorders Brain Teaser

I am a learning approach that is based on individual analysis of a student's functioning and relies on the learning of behaviors to remediate learning problems. What am I called?
applied behavior analysis (ABA)
I am a form of autism that features the usual social and behavior problems, but where the cognitive abilities may be average or above. What am I called?
Asperger's syndrome
What is the coexistence of conditions that can make diagnosis and treatment more complex?
We are a group of interventions that address the core symptoms of autism spectrum disorders and are presented over a period of time (a year or more) with intensive treatment. What are we?
comprehensive treatment models
I am an intervention which is short term with specific goals. What am I?
focused intervention practice
I use valuations of behavior that define a behavior, explain why this behavior occurs, describe where and when the behavior is present, and demonstrate how the behavior impacts the child and his or her surroundings. What am I called?
functional behavior assessment (FBA)
I am a shared characteristic of persons with autism spectrum disorders in which they cannot modulate sounds or other stimuli. What am I called?
I am learning that occurs when the information is not being explicitly taught. What kind am I?
incidental learning
We are cells in the nervous system that allow the individual to imitate others' speech and actions. What are we called?
mirror neurons
We are autistic-like conditions that do not fulfill all of the diagnostic characteristics for autism, but show strong resemblance in terms of social and communication problems, increasingly referred to autism spectrum disorders, reflecting the variations found in these conditions. What are we?
pervasive developmental disorders- not otherwise specified (PDD-NOS)
I am a type of intervention that helps parents develop responsive interactions with their children, building on the social nurturing between the the parents and the child.What am I called?
relationship-focused intervention (RF)
We are positive behaviors for children with behavior disorders, such as asking for permission to talk, that are designed to replace unacceptable behavior.
replacement behaviors
i am a condition included within the autism spectrum disorders because its symptoms resemble autism. What am I called?
Rett syndrome
I am a condition where children area unable to put themselves in the place of others in order to understand what they are feeling or thinking. What am I?
Theory of Mind
End Of Game