Expand Your Knowledge Of Black History! Brain Teaser

Who was the first black president?
Barack Obama
Who was the first black astronaut?
Guine S. Buford
When Did African Americans Actually Get the Right to Vote?
After the American Civil War.
What was the name of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s father's church?
Ebenezer Baptist
Who was the first African American woman to win five Grammy Awards in one year?
Lauryn Hill
Who invented the three-position traffic signal in 1923 that includes the yellow light?
Garrett Morgan
What group launched the Freedom Rides in 1961?
The Congress of Racial Equality (CORE)
End Of Game
Black History is celebrated in honor of the triumphs and struggles of African-Americans or Black Americans throughout U.S. history. February is dedicated to Black History Month. Here are some of the questions related to Black History that you need to figure out. Let's see what do you know about African American leaders and events? Go ahead with this brain teaser and strengthen your knowledge about Black History, as learning black history is mandatory to give you the correct facts about the contributions of the African American culture from the past and the present.

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