Compliance Week Brain Teaser

You should only use this online portal to view your own medical record
You must type this word in brackets the subject line for emails containing protected data that is being sent to non-Medical Center employees.
This policy protects you from punishment when reporting compliance concerns in good faith.
The Non-Retaliation Policty
This is one way to report a compliance concern where you may remain anonymous.
Compliance Helpline
An ethical framework and set of standards for how we should carry out our daily job functions is outlined in this document.
Code of Conduct
You should take this action when one's spouse or other family member works for a company that does business with the Medical Center.
This is the best course of action if you find a laptop in the Medical Center cafeteria.
Report it to MCIT or the Privacy Official
This would be considered a voiolation of Medical Center policy to accept from a patient or vendor.
A Gift
This is something at NYULMC that is considered to be everyone's responsibility.
You should change this often to prevent unauthorized access of protected and confidential information.
End Of Game