Cycling Of Matter And Flow Of Energy! Brain Teaser

Aerobic respiration is the process that uses oxygen, whereas anaerobic respiration is the process that doesn’t use oxygen. True or false?
What type of respiration releases more ATP?
Aerobic respiration
Anaerobic respiration helps nutrients flow more than aerobic respiration. True or false?
False. Aerobic respiration is crucial in cell respiration and development, seen as it helps nutrients flow.
What type of respiration do prokaryotes use for cellular respiration?
Anaerobic respiration is what organisms like prokaryotes use for cellular respiration in the absence of oxygen
What type of respiration is fermentation?
Fermentation is a type of anaerobic respiration.
What is the carbon cycle composed of?
Photosynthesis and cellular respiration are important components of the carbon cycle, in which carbon is exchanged among the biosphere, atmosphere, oceans, and geosphere through chemical, physical, geological and biological processes.
In the geological carbon cycle, shells and other body parts are formed before or after the volcanic erruptions release this carbon dioxide into the atmosphere where it reacts with water to form a weak acid?
Before, shells form after the molecules in the ocean combine with calcium to form calcium carbonate.
In the biological carbon cycle the plants and other producers absorb the carbon dioxide from?
The air or water
In the biological carbon cycle what do organisms convert carbohydrates into?
Organisms convert carbohydrates into energy during cellular respiration.
Why are food chains important in the carbon cycle?
Because when one organism consumes another, the carbohydrates are transferred through the food chain.
In what trophic level can we find humans in?
We are the third level, we are omniveorous, however some humans could only form part of the second trophic level.
End Of Game
How well do you know about the cycling of matter and the flow of energy in ecosystems? How do energies and carbon atoms move through the ecosystem? The given-below brain game totally focuses on matter cycling and energy flow among the carbon cycle at the ecosystem scale, aerobic and anaerobic respiration, food chains, and trophic levels. Whether you know or don't about these terms, you should definitely play this brain teaser and intensify your knowledge about energy flow in an ecosystem.

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