Words run horizontally, vertically, diagonally & even backwards
Find words as fast as possible to win.


There are different types of music in Southeast Asia, such as mahagita, pinepeat, piphat, etc. Music is always changing over time. The music of Southeast Asia is diverse due to its different geographical, historical, and cultural influences in the region. There are gong chimes that are seen in Indonesia. String instruments like guitar and other tools are used in the Philippines, Timor, and Sulawesi. To learn more about the music of Southeast Asia, you need to play this word search puzzle.

Words In This Word Search

Pinpeat, Piphat, Oneat, Samphor, Gamelan, Gerong, Karawitan, Kyiwaing, Hne, Kampuchea, Burma, Kendang, Mahagita, Saunggauk, Hsaingwaing


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