Music Of Southeast Asia Word Search Puzzle

There are different types of music in Southeast Asia. Music is always changing since the Internet was introduced. Their music is mainly influenced by the area where the musicians live. There are gong chimes that are seen in Indonesia. String instruments like guitar and other tools are used in the Philippines, Timor, and Sulawesi. Many people will play their devices on the streets, and some people can mimic famous singers' songs. Court music is also popular in Southeast Asia, which is popular during a specific period. Over the years, music has changed with the times.

Words In This Word Search

Pinpeat, Piphat, Oneat, Samphor, Gamelan, Gerong, Karawitan, Kyiwaing, Hne, Kampuchea, Burma, Kendang, Mahagita, Saunggauk, Hsaingwaing


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