Words run horizontally, vertically, diagonally & even backwards
Find words as fast as possible to win.


Words In This Word Search

Ronald Reagan, Jon Bon Jovi, George Bush, Berlin Wall, Cold War, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Prince, Ghostbusters, Thriller, Back To The Future, Return Of The Jedi, Indiana Jones, Queen, Bruce Springsteen, Born In The Usa, Smurfs, Alf, Punky Brewster, Cheers, Thudercats, Skeletor, Transformers, Care Bears, Cabbage Patch Kids, Jelly Shoes, Bermuda Shorts, Converse, Skateboards, Mister T, Walk Man, Casette, Devo, John Cougar , Gremlins, Goonies, Parachute Pants, Swatch, Footloose, Sixteen Candles


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